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The World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association has members in twelve countries.   Recyclers from six USA states serve on the Advisory Board.  Our overseas members include factories which used to manufacture computer monitors, and now re-manufacture the monitors from 5-year-old CRTs.  Other members include a women's coop in Mexico, digital divide programs in the USA and overseas, colleges and universities, and anyone interested in Fair Trade Recycling.


Our members abide by the actual Basel Convention, Annex IX  which explicitly allows exports of "Electrical and electronic assemblies... destined for direct re-use, and not for recycling or final disposal.  Reuse can include repair, refurbishment or upgrading, but not major reassembly.   In some countries these materials destined for direct re-use are not considered wastes."  The members share a belief that Supply and Demand are at play, that overseas buyers are desperate to get online, and the best way to compete with "sham" recycling programs is to supply better products and services at a lower price.   You can ask questions or share opinions on Fair Trade Recycling at our Facebook site.


You can see 135 film clips from WR3A members at www.viddler.com (search the WR3A group).  These films were made with Flip Video cameras under a grant from CEA, and a 3 minute trailer was aired at the Keynote Address of CES 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.   We also have hundreds of pictures of WR3A buyer processes.


What have some of our current members been up to?


The University of Massachusetts sponsored design of our vetting program. 



  Visit our recycling survey online by  WR3A    

Our Vermont program writes on our work at  Good Point Ideas Blog: More about SKD (reusing monitors as TVs) Market

Recycling Today Magazine sponsored WR3A's annual meeting and Electronics Recycling Conference and Trade Show.

Our Arizona, Louisiana, North Carolina and Washington state members held on-day events allowing donations for reuse.

Our Cameroon, Egypt, and Malaysia members offered to refurbish computers for schools in the UN GAID 500/12 initiative

Our members in Egypt, Peru, Senegal, Mexico and Malaysia flew to cross train with USA staff, to improve sorting and testing standards



SITE VISITS 2006 - Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico

  SITE VISIT 2005 -  China, Singapore, Malaysia, Lithuania 



WR3A e-Certification - This is a FREE ACTIVE Recycling Matching Service to place e-Waste generators and recyclers in contact with recyclers or refurbishers who are capable of handling all of the material they plan to generate. This program will generate a longer list of recyclers for working 3-year-old computers than for truckloads of residential TVs collected from curbside programs. For more about this program, visit our e_Certification page or Press Room.

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