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Come meet us in Orlando at E-Scrap Conference 2011 , the largest electronics recycling conference, on October 5-6. 

The World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association is a not-for-profit business consortium supporting development of "Fair Trade" standards for international electronics recycling.  It acts like a co-op between overseas buyers and sellers of reusable and repairable electronics which are explicitly legal under Basel Convention Annex IX.

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WR3A supports legitimate reuse, repair and recycling businesses overseas by with purchase orders from USA suppliers who maintain a higher standard of quality.  Exporters who mix unrepairable and toxic junk into loads are abusing the environment.  But companies who pledge not to export at all widen the digital divide, and sacrifice sustainable employment.   WR3A opposes "boycotts" of the export market, "zero tolerance" or "no intact unit" programs.  We actively partner with Geeks of Color

WR3A uses civil law - contracts and purchase orders between reputable businesses - to enforce fair trade environmental standards.  We form loan programs similar to Kiva, and assist USA exporters in meeting EPA Guidelines.  We offer technical assistance to promote proper recycling in emerging nations.  We provide advice and assistance to USA companies who document proper waste stream management.  We help "e-waste certification" programs, such as R2 , to qualify excellent refurbishing factories, which pay top dollar for repairable equipment, and offer better EH&S standards. 

WR3A creates solutions and incentives in a positive cultural exchange with overseas facilities, many of which already meet ISO14001.  We cooperate to improve recordkeeping.  Several overseas members are creating take-back programs for e-scrap "clunkers" in their own communities.  WR3A hired the first consultant to verify an overseas buyer could qualify for EPA's new "Responsible Recycler" (R2) standards in October, 2008.

The result is friendship and partnership.  We have been impressed by self educated technicians, struggling to provide internet, health, education and democracy through free market and trade.   Together, we create affordable recycling and cleaner exports, and internet access for our partners in Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Senegal...  Ship your product, get paid, and make friends and a difference in the emerging nations.   We call it Fair Trade Recycling, and it's a win-win scenario. 

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